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Manhattan Handbag Buyer is the best way to sell designer handbags on consignment for more cash in NYC. Unlike ordinary Manhattan consignment shops that appraise the value of designer handbags by how much they can be sold for in … [Read More...]

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Sell used designer handbags from NYC and get cash more quickly. Sell directly to Manhattan Handbag Buyer. We have customers worldwide who want to buy your gently-used designer handbags from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Hermes, … [Read More...]

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We know that you want to get the most cash for your used designer handbags. At Manhattan Handbag Buyer, we want you to get the most cash for designer handbags too! When selling luxury handbags on consignment with us, you can earn … [Read More...]

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Manhattan Handbag Buyer is a service division of ALG, America’s #1 upscale designer consignment shop and luxury handbag buyer. We serve our NYC customers from our landmark consignment store in San Diego, California. We … [Read More...]